The events following Jesus’ death are often misunderstood…even by Christians. I have endeavored to clarify this very important 50-day period by putting the events into a chart which chronicles the timeline of events from the Jewish Passover to the Feast of Pentecost.Jesus Christ fulfills prophecies; becomes the Passover Lamb; shows his authority over Death and Hell; delivers the payment for our sins (His Blood); shows his glorified body to many witnesses; ascends to Heaven; and sends The Comforter to live in the bodies of the Saints as “… the earnest of our inheritance…”






Download large resurrection-timeline

Use this chart to launch yourself into a very rewarding Bible study!This is a 50-day span that is broken out into three major divisions of time:

  1. Death to Resurrection: 3 days
  2. Resurrection to Ascension: 40 days
  3. Ascension to Pentecost: 7 days.

Scripture passages are indicated along the timeline to help you have a clear understanding of God’s working on our behalf during those days.

  • Understand the phases of the transaction that the Redeemer made for your soul.
  • Understand His Blood is so precious because it was the currency used to pay for our salvation.
  • Get a better understanding of the basic definition of Pentecost.
  • Study how God uses key numbers (3, 7, 40 & 50) as signs throughout the Old Testament, and then see those numerical signs validated here in the New Testament. (There is nothing “magical” about numbers, but there is certainly a significance placed on these numbers throughout the Old Testament.)

Keep on reading, praying and studying until we met Jesus!


Written by Dr. Joseph Costa, Pasto